Steffen Reitz


My professional life is currently centered around growing Gini, which I co-founded in 2010 (formerly smarchive).

Thinking of the product, we aim to build a unique, beautiful and powerful-as-never-before virtual assistant - a productivity tool simplifying consumers' lives by saving them tremendous time on paperwork and making their lives more fun.

Thinking of the company goals, we want to rapidly grow a tech-start-Up by developing cutting-edge and dead-easy to use software, in order to become a world leader in Artifical Intelligence. We love challenging the status quo and established industry leaders.

Thinking of our employees, we want to bring together the most talented and diverse talents, full of joy and breathing for their passion, in an incredible workspace and provide them with the greatest atmosphere & culture they could think of - allowing them to thrive beyond expectations and shape their personalities to the utmost.

Thinking of our social environment, we want to use our knowledge, education and the opportunities we have gratefully been provided with ourselves to make a sustainable and longlasting impact for those in need - both at home and abroad.

Might sound ambitious. Well, we aren't totally there yet. But we're on our way. Want to know what drives me? Shoot me a mail.

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