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Remote Control Solution in China

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Founded in 2001, Solidremote / Solid Remotes Technologies Ltd China. is a leading RF remote control solutions provider located in Shenzhen, which is known as one of the largest electronic information design and manufacturing bases in China and immediately north of Hong Kong.

Solidremote's vision is to simplify people's lives through wireless control. By leveraging our experience and expertise in wireless control sector, we help bridge the digital divide and give people the opportunity to get a better life through wireless control, regardless of their geographic origin.

Solidremote has been focused on remote control field for over 10 years since its beginning. Through continuous customer-centric innovation, now we have a strong set of businesses in wireless control and wireless home security systems field aligned to meet today's needs. Our businesses cover a large area including RF Remote Control, RF Transmitter and Receiver Module, RF Remote Control Switch, Wireless Home Security System and its accessories. OEM and ODM orders are also accepted.