Sridevi Sarma

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Hi I'am Sridevi Sarma. Turquoise is my elixir. It fortifies and energizes me.

I grew up on home-cooking, with strongest memories coming from the kitchens of my grandmoms' (dad's and mom's mother). Exposure to outside food started during my late teens. But I don't remember walking away with great food memories. My first pasta and cakes were made at home by mom.

Our ancestral home in Chennai, where I grew up, had the best of fresh produce. Imagine this, a house surrounded by coconut trees by the 10's, custard apple, jack fruit, mango, lime, and tamarind trees. Isn't it a dream. Those were the happiest days of my life.

My grand mom was one heck of a spice master. I grew up watching her meticulously prepare spice mixes, drying and roasting spices and of course hand made pickles with a huge mortar and pestle.

I grew up on a strict vegetarian diet. In 2005 I stepped out of India and lived for a short while in Singapore where I completed my post graduate studies. While in Singapore I began experimenting with meat and sea food. And I'am hooked ever since.

Baking was my mom's game. She worked as a teacher and during her summer break joined a baking class and got home goodies. You guessed it right...thumb print jam cookies, sponges and butter biscuits. She had a hand written notebook with recipes handed down by her instructor. She set up a stove top oven. We used to sneak in sand from nearby construction sites. She used to pack the a heavy bottomed pressure cooker with the sand and put it on the stove top for pre-heating. We used to hover around and watch her mix the cake batter with condensed milk.

Between mid 1990's and early 2000's, I started experimenting with cake premixes. Schooling and the pressure of higher studies meant baking had to stop.

I took to baking again in mid-2012. All credit goes to my partner. He took me to a store and gifted me an oven for my birthday. My best (est) friend Dee insisted upon opening a home based baking business. He summoned another friend and urged him to sign me up for a cake order. There it was, my first order, Christmas cakes.

Wildberry took roots during the Christmas of 2012. I have been baking and developing recipes ever since.

Wildberryfoodtrails is my way of recording tried and tested recipes and sharing my cooking/baking escapades.

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    • Market Research Manager
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    • MBA