Sridhar Mangu

Consulting Hypnotherapist in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

"It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters" - Epictetus I believe everyone has the same potential (realized or unrealized) so everyone is equal regardless of religion, nationality, colour, financial status, and social status. Everyone is born with a purpose, and is a unique expression of Divinity, The One, All That Is, whatever we choose to call that all-pervading and infinite energy. After years of search for a purpose in my life, I chanced upon hypnotherapy. From 2009 I have been taking courses in hypnotherapy and practicing part-time as well. I discovered that I have a passion to help people heal themselves. And with that, I discovered my true Self. I am available on Saturdays 10am-7pm at Change Works Abu Dhabi, I offer the following services: Gastric mind Band (GmB therapy) for weight reduction and management for life. This original and highly successful therapy was put together by the Shirrans. It is a combination of NLP, CBT, and hypnosis to help the overweight and the obese to make the mental change necessary to slim down and manage to stay slim, healthy, and happy for life. It is not a diet! Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, emotional issues, relationship issues, anger management, stress management, fears and phobias, and many more. Also, Past Life Regression Therapy. The latest training I took is Simpsons Protocol (SP). In this technique, the client does not need to share his issues, the resolution comes through their superconscious mind! The therapist facilitates the process. Please check with me by email regarding conditions not mentioned here and for hypnotherapy enquiries. Mobile: 97150 9210603. Email id: "I just love connecting with therapists and healers. I believe that sharing our knowledge improves the quality of our services to the benefit of our clients, which is the purpose of our profession."

  • Work
    • Self-employed
  • Education
    • International Diploma in Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy
    • Gastric mind Band Licensed Therapist
    • Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy
    • Past Life Regression Therapists Training
    • NLP Licensed Practitioner