Srikanth Narasimalu

Director in Singapore

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I am part of the Energy Research Institute @ NTU (Singapore) leading the offshore renewable activities. My research goal is to design and deploy renewable systems compatible to remote coastal and islandic communities based on wind, tidal & solar. I love disruptive innovation & entrepreneurship towards empowering the less privileged peoples lives. Hence I have been actively involved in blue economy initiatives to promote ocean energy as a integral part to boost energy security, local economy and job creation and support food, water and essentials of the locals. My research strength is in turbine designs, floating structures, structural health monitoring, composites, structural dynamics, acoustics and failure analysis involving vibration, tribology, corrosion, fatigue, etc. using both simulations (FEM, BEM, MD, etc) & experimentation. I enjoy gardening, running, music, travel and drawing.

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  • Work
    • ERI@N, NTU, Singapore
  • Education
    • National University of Singapore
    • Indian Institute of Technology