Srikanth Nair

Father, Volunteer, and Small Business Owner in Brisbane, Australia

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I am a husband and father and very blessed in that regard.

I run my own business (Mustard Seed IT). If you own/run a business and have a technology related question or need, feel free to reach out to me.

I am passionate about people. If you don't know what that means, feel free to ask me.

I am passionate about technology and have set out to make a living from exploiting technology, not people.

I am a follower of Jesus (yes, there's a difference between following Jesus vs merely calling oneself a "Christian"). Because of this disclosure, I am fully aware that some of you will avoid me like the plague while others *might* be intrigued by me. If you choose to connect with me, awesome! If not, that's OK. I won't lose any sleep over it :) My identity and worth is not dependent on what people think about me ;)

I look forward to building a mutually beneficial relationship with you.