Srilekha Chunder

I am still in search of my real self. Everytime I think it's all making sense I realise I know nothing at all. Life has been incredible with its many psychedelic effects. The rise and fall of its rhythm has been the very breath of my existence, filling me with myriad experiences,emotions and thoughts which are consistently shaping me and my life. The path has been arduous at times and blissful too interspersed with its sweet questionings and magnificent lessons. It's a great joy and honour to be born human and explore life both without and within.

I am a seeker of all things Divine, but what I consider so may not be in anothers radar of perception. I enjoy simple moments,pleasures,people and nature. From writing for myself and reading on all things metaphysical, spiritual and the mundane, I enjoy the extraordinary in the ordinary and sometimes perceive beauty in the least expected moments and people!

Everyday is another opportunity to explore,dream and evolve.Life is fresh always and I seek to know the Highest there is to know from every person and every experience!