Steve Riley

"An award-winning senior sales and marketing executive with an outstanding track record of developing and leading cross-functional teams to exceed company profit objectives"

BIO: Over thirty years of expertise in creating and implementing both direct and Internet sales and marketing strategies, programs, and accountability measures that effectively streamline operations and improve overall company performance. Credited as being a resourceful, hands-on problem solver, exceptionally adept at slashing expenditures and turning around underperforming organizations. Extensive experience in both large and start-up companies, consumer and B2B, considered a polished professional with exceptional communication skills. Background includes senior sales and marketing positions at leading companies such as Procter and Gamble, Kodak, Benetton and Carter Wallace plus the last ten years spent as a consultant to small businesses and start-up companies in a wide variety of industries. Brings a wealth of expertise, experience and a healthy sense of humor to any organization! Enjoys working with people who have a passion for their business and helping them realize their full potential!

PERSONAL: "I enjoy golf, tennis, skiing, cooking and traveling! My wife, myself and my sons are avid golfers and we enjoy traveling to play golf at the great golf destinations in the world. We are looking forward to upcoming trips to Pebble Beach, and Bandon Dunes! We are also great fans of Bruce Springsteen and have seen him perform live over 50 times! My career to date has enabled me to do many varied and interesting things... I have had dinner at both the White House and The Playboy Mansion. I have met four Presidents, The Dali Lama, and too many celebrities and professional athletes to count. I've played Tennis with Elton John and Billy Jean King and Golf with Arnold Palmer. I've been fortunate enough to go to multiple Final Fours, The Masters, US Opens (Tennis and Golf) and the Olympic Games! I've conducted business on six continents and have made friends all over the world! But most importantly, I have three terrific sons and a wonderful wife who has put up with me for thirty two years and counting!"