Srinath Venkat


"Healthcare needs a rapid shift in the way it is handled. Interventions to solve problems and address the gaps in Healthcare needs a holistic way of looking at things. That is why my interest in systems design, Business Models, Innovation and Process Orientation took shape to solve the puzzle. Having a social/community orientation is important, but at the same time it is necessary to think of sustained benefit, and the way social enterprise and Business model innovation can transform healthcare is phenomenal"

Srinath is a Consultant and Analyst speacializing in Healthcare with special focus on Strategy, Marketing, Quality and Operations. He Practices Systems Thinking and Design innovations in Health Systems Managment. He is passionate about Emerging Market Studies in Health Sector, Health System Research, Healthcare Business Models (Impact Investing/Social Enterprise) and Innovation, Market Research Methods. Srinath has a deep dive understanding of analyzing Health Systems of developed and emerging economies using qualitative and quantitative research methods. He is particularly excited about the way innovation and quality improvement initiatives can bring significant change to the healthcare service delivery models. His interest includes Healthcare Quality, Marketing in Healthcare and Emerging Market studies in Health Sector. Srinath has worked on several consulting/research projects for the private/corporate and public hospitals and healthcare sector. He has also worked in Academic Teaching and Research Training in Hospital and Healthcare Management. He has evaluated operational effciencies , PPP Models, government programmes, quality improvement initiatives in healthcare. He has several published research papers in peer reviewed journals and has presented in various conferences.

Core Areas: Emerging Market studies in Health Sector, Healthcare Marketing, Process Imporvement

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