Srinath Mohan

Web Developer, Writer, and Social Media Manager in Chennai, India

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Srinath M S, is a dynamic personality known for his compassion towards technical and marketing strategies he adopts for his work and companies associated. He has framed a lot of theories focusing on Technical and Web development, marketing as well as Inter-personal wellbeing. Along with being the Technical Head of a company named SeekOut Technologies, he is also working as a personal business mentor focusing on company and personal branding as well as account structuring. He is also a personal TA practitioner and also works on mending psychology concepts into real world corporate development. Extending his personal interests in painting and writing poetries, he is a voracious reader focusing on a large scale of Technical reading as well as indulging himself in debates, conversations and forums regarding Technology, Online and Digital Marketing.

Srinath is currently the Technical Head of SeekOut Technologies Pvt Ltd. He is decorating this post for the past 2 years. He started his career as a Java/C trainer in NIIT and then from there to a Junior Web Developer in Consim Info Pvt Ltd (Now named as He is a trainer by passion and the Chief Technical Mentor for SWAT (Students Working on Advanced Technology) – DMI College of Engineering, Chennai. He is a technical, life skills and marketing based blogger as well as an active digital advertising expert. 6 years into technical market has moulded him into a good techy and a humble personality who keeps on sharing his positive energy and experience with people around.