Srini Swaminathan


Runner. Cyclist. Teacher.

Hailing from a low-income community in Coimbatore, staying in school and finishing college helped me come out of poverty. After many years of working in the oilfield, I joined Teach For India in 2010 as a Teacher in Dharavi, Mumbai, inspired by the children of tsunami affected villages of Chennai where I had volunteered earlier. After that, I moved back to Chennai to in 2012 to start Teach For India in Chennai as its founding City Director. In 2013, I left Teach For India and started working independently on various non profit projects, mostly focused on education. At present I work on projects with the Barefoot College, Akanksha Foundation, Teach For India and Madhi Foundation apart from other education projects.

I continue to walk on this path, learning and helping individuals and teams working relentlessly to change the life path of our children in low income community schools.

I am a long distance runner - I have completed 22 full marathons and 20+ half marathons (including one 200km Ultra Marathon) and a long distance cyclist - I have completed several 200 km and 100 km rides and the 33 day/4400 kms Kashmir to Kanyakumari cycling (in November 2016) often using these to raise funds for the causes I support.