Sriram Foams

Started in the year 1999, Sriram Foams Private Limited has excelled in making all types of polyurethane products including flexible, Integral skin, rigid and castable elastomers. Our organization is managed by our Founder and Managing Director Mr. P. Muthukumar who possess wide industrial knowledge and proficient in his tasks. It is under his tutelage that our foam techniques have been developed and our production process have been planned in such a way that we have captured a wide market share in the domain we operate.

In today's modern times, people are giving more emphasis on the finish, style, and elegance especially when it comes to interior and decor products. Similarly when it comes to seating, comfortable seating is becoming the order of the day. Various companies are emerging in market every now and then with their cushion and foam products. We, at Sriram Foams understand the desires and requirements of modern customers and fulfill their requirements by manufacturing cushions and foam products which are comfortable and durable.

Product Range:
Industrial Pipe Cleaning Pigs
Oil & Gas pipeline Cleaning pigs
Industrial Rigid Foam
Foam Pillows
Automobile Cushions
Foam Pigs
Sphere Foam
PU Foams

Our Mission: Sriram Foams was established with a mission to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of foam products and synonym of trust, values, quality, and ethical practices. We, at Sriram Foams are sincerely making all endeavors to manufacture a comprehensive range of foam products like Hi-density Moulded Flexible PU Foams, Visco Elastic (Memory foam), Rigid PU Foams, Elastomers, all kinds of Pipe Cleaning Pigs including Hi, Low and medium density foam pig, Cleaning Pigs, Batching Pigs, Gauging Pigs, Bi-Directional Pigs, PU Cups and Discs, and all pig accessories etc. complying with international quality norms. Our mission is to be at the best choice for customers by providing quality products and best value for money. We are continuously striving to offer maximum satisfaction to all our customers.

Clients: Our company enjoys a dominant position in the domestic as well as International markets. Timely execution of orders of quality products has enabled us