Sriramana En

Bangalore, India

Gone those days of roofing sheets, which did not even last for a long time and it was troublesome to change the roofing sheets every now and then. With the emergence of modern technology, a high-end material is introduced to the market, which can withstand harsh climatic condition for a prolonged period of time and most importantly it comes with long period of warranty which is unique of its own. Galvalume roofing sheets has brought revolution in roofing sheet industries. Now more and more people are inclined to use this top-notch roofing sheets, whether for domestic use or for industrial use. Using state-of-the-art technology, this Bare Galvalume Sheets are produced. As zinc is well known for its anti-corrosive fact, so a coat of Zinc and Aluminium alloy is put on metal sheet which not only prevent the sheet from rust, but also increase the durability of the products. Due to the easy availability, long-lasting features and affordability, Bare Galvalume Sheets is becoming highly popular in some part of the world especially costal region where it is required to prevent roofing from strong wind and natural calamities like cyclone, etc. Although these roofing sheets come with various finishes, but if you have a specific requirement in your mind, it can be customized to fulfill your demand perfectly.

The reason behind the popularity of Bare Galvalume Sheets is not because of its mesmerizing finishes, but it has high tensile as well as heat resistance features which in turn provide durability. Quality raw materials are used in order to produce top-line roofing sheets and it is available in varieties of attractive colures which will perfectly match your specific tastes. The technical specification, 55% Aluminium, 434% Zinc & 1.6% Silicon, in this unique Bare Galvalume Sheets has made it one of the most demanded roofing of late. Along with 0.47 mm thickness and 550 Mpa tensile, it was coated with Z150 which proved to be best so far. To enhance anti-corrosion features, some prefers white colours in metal sheets and other prefers different colours according to their specific need. As mentioned earlier due to strong and durable features, Bare Galvalume Sheets can tolerate any extreme weather condition, whether it high velocity wind or hurricane, therefore, people from seismic zone and