sriramana enterprises

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Fibre glass wool is an insulating felt materials made from glass’s fibre. When the natural sand, binder and fibre glass are mixed and heated at 1,450 degree centigrade temperature and forced through fine net then fibre wool is produced. It is light, flexible, easy to install and available in affordable price. Along with incombustibility, it also has the low conductivity and thermal resistance features and can tolerate up to 450 degree of temperature. Because of eco-friendly features, it is becoming much more popular and extensively used and got acceptance by majority of clients.

We are the leading Glass Wool Supplier who produces high quality wool and market it in affordable price. We produce authentic and heavy-duty materials that have superior acoustic absorption power and highly incombustible. To facilitate and increase our productivity, we have state-of-the-art infrastructure incorporate with high-end machines. In order to provide high quality products, we use tested & superior glass fibre and other raw materials and never compromise with the quality of the raw materials. We house a team of expert engineers, who strive their level best to produce quality glass wool for our valuable clients. Our product has the capacity to insulate sounds up to a greater extent and very much useful in process industry and air-conditioning fields.

We are the Chief Roof Ventilator Supplier and manufacturer. Roof ventilator is highly in demand in almost all the industry whether it is IT or any other. It is extensively used because it can provide good ventilation, increase the purity of air, flow oxygenated air inside the room, can easily be installed and can maintain constant temperature inside the room. Being the leading Roof Ventilator Supplier, we not only supply ordinary roof ventilator; but also we provide customized one. According to your need we use different types of materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and carbon steels.

Having extensive industrial knowledge, we also manufacture and supply high quality Galvalume Roofing Sheets along with other roofing accessories in most reasonable price. We manufacture this roofing sheet incorporating with latest technology and put a coat of zinc and aluminium alloy that make it much more long-lasting. This ga