Sriram Karri

Hyderabad, INDIA


"Everything Mankind has produced, and is proud or ashamed of, has been the result of some activity between the ears"... I recall saying these words during a debate at school and also having lived my career with a conviction in it.

Talking of career: dramatically diverse or crazily clueless: been a journalist and columnist with The New Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle, The Hindu, The Guardian and New York Times; my articles have appeared in syndicated newspapers over 25 countries.

Have been part of corporate strategy and branding teams in tech companies like Infosys, TCS and Satyam and Magnaquest. I have worked beyond technology: Sujana Group and the Indian School of Business. And several idea-centric entrepreneurship ventures: the most astonishing failures amongst which have been NowPos (Voice-based Spiritual Communities & Voice Resumes), Zero Corruption Day (Moral Currency to script social change), and Orathon (Non-stop Debate for 7 days).

A published author: The Spiritual Supermarket (Longlisted, Vodafone Crossword Award, 2008) andAutobiography of a Mad Nation (Longlisted, MAN Asian Booker, 2009).

Currently establishing and consolidating my most ambitious tech business venture: SOCIO - through which we hope to create a new paradigm convergence between the online digital framework and the offline world.