Miss.Srishti Arora

Not too many entrepreneurs can be said to be embodiments of their enterprise. But Srishti Arora of New Delhi is certainly one. She is slim and svelte. She is, of course, beautiful in the classical Indian mold, and she carries herself with the grace that only comes with enormous self confidence. It’s the sort of self confidence that is engendered, quite possibly, from the knowledge that one is entirely self made. And that Ms. Arora certainly is. She’s founder and mentor of Callidora Studio, India’s leading beauty and Cosmetics brand.

Her own training after graduating from Delhi University And VLCC was in Cosmetology in Delhi.

As a woman, Ms. Arora understands what real women want, to look and feel good. She knows that what works on models for the runways must be translated differently for the everyday woman. Constantly innovating, she goes beyond trends and techniques to offer each client something unique and special.