Sri Sugiarti Purwitasari

Bandung, Indonesia

I'm a challenge junkie. I really enjoy the continuity of a left-brain challenge.

This is the answer to "why I took Physics Degree" or "why I dive in an Engineering Work" or "why I want to study Economics" questions.

I'm a beauty-appreciator. I love, love, love what my right-brain taste can get me into.

This is the explanation to my never-ending interest in arts, designs, and films. I use my free time to sketch, watch films, and travels to keep the passion burning.

I'm a natural born curious. I crave new informations and have desire to new adventures.

And this is why I often find myself lost in my own wanders.

  • Work
    • Mine Control Engineer
  • Education
    • Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)