Srivedic Pratisthan

New Delhi, India.

About Us

Sri Vedic Pratisthan is among the leaders in providing the amazing cultures of India with religious products of daily needs.

Company Overview

To provide our customers with Honest, High quality religious products like Rudraksha, Yantra and other things. No trick selling, no fake claims.


The truth is, we all believe in God and in some way or the other we all worship God. Modern youngsters and the working force or our elderly parents and grandparents at home, we all require religious pooja articles for our daily worship then why not do this with pride and with high quality pooja articles? Sri Vedic Pratisthan takes pride in providing our patrons with the highest quality pooja articles like Rudraksha's, Gold Plated Yantra's and other items of daily worship. We do not make any fake claims and trick sales by guaranteeing fake benefits and results, just honest, highest quality pooja articles from the best natural resources around the world.

  • Work
    • Rudraksha Beads (1-14 Mukhi)
  • Education
    • Reliegion Products