Srividya Sriram

Designer in Chennai, India

I'm Srividya Sriram (Sri), a seasoned product designer, currently leading the design of Freshsales at Freshdesk Inc.

I love making things- digital or analog. I employ design thinking & human-centered design processes to create simple, useful and beautiful holistic experiences between people and products, technology or brands.

In my previous life, I created ads, billboards and websites, got a masters degree in design, worked at Alphabet (neé Google) on products likeYouTube, Google News and Google+ Photos. I also led the design function at Enthought briefly.

I have tried entrepreneurship twice- co-founded a graphic tee brand, SimplyCity and more recently, took a product called Heipile from scratch to a holistic vision as a co-founder.

I also paint on the side. Checkout my watercolour paintings here.