Sybal Janssen

Northern California, United States

Followed a winding path from an undergraduate degree in English Literater to a MSc in Technology Management. Way too many years as a project manager and program manager for software development and software implementation across a variety of industries: insurance, international cargo transport, and telecommunications. The CIOs I've worked for were either brilliant or baffled-never middle of the road. I know four things about successful software development: programmers always underestimate development time by fifty percent; its far more cost effective to spend money for test machines that mirror the production environment than fix the stuff that goes wrong in production, spending time up front with good requirements saves time at the end, and managing by crisis is poor project management.

Learned a lot of very interesting things along the way, some of which I may or may not blog about some day. In spite of a fast paced and intense career,I would have had more fun without the uneasy feeling that I wasn't really passionate about what I was doing. Wasted too much time and energy wishing that I were doing something else.

Along the way, I found out that you don't stumble into passion, you build it through focused attention and daily activity. Anyone (including you) can learn to what you do through consistent daily application of eleven minutes of focused action.

Out of the corporate work world now and my second career is all about living life exuberantly and (maybe) sharing my insights with others so they too can create a career that makes them eager to get out of bed in the morning.

  • Work
    • Building Online Business
  • Education
    • MSc. Technology Management, Pepperdine University; B. A English UCLA