Sarah Rose

Hi! My name is Sarah and I am currently living in Antigua, Guatemala where I will be studying abroad until until just before Christmas 2013! I'm a senior in college currently going to school to be a high school or middle school teacher and will be able to teach Math, Spanish, and English as a Second Language. I am definitely a language nut who loves learning new languages so the part that I am most looking forward to right now is being immersed in the language and meeting all the people!

For fun I love to RUN! I run on my university's cross country and track teams (and will miss the cross country season and my teammates dearly while I am gone). I also play the guitar and piano. I love listening to Spanish music and trying to coax people around me into loving it as well

In the summers I work at a nature day camp at a nature center where I have grown to LOVE the outdoors. Sleeping on the ground and not showering for weeks has a strange appeal to me and I would love to lead back packing trips one day.

Thanks to a scholarship called the Gilman Scholarship, my study abroad is almost entirely paid for! I'm actually going to have to pay less this semester for school than I normally have to when I'm on campus! To learn more about how you could study abroad with the help of Gilman, check out my "Gilman Scholarship" tab.