stephen rosenoff

Roanoke, Virginia, United States

Stephen Rosenoff, MD, owner of 202 Market, has been focused on service his entire life. He grew up waking to the smells of his mother baking for neighbors each day starting at 5 a.m. His mother, he remembers, “was always the giver. That’s part of my make up, too, to be a giver, and I carry that through today.” He chose oncology as a specialty because he felt that “it was an opportunity to help people who were in an extremely difficult and frightening situation.” Today, retired from his life as an oncologist, Dr. Rosenoff still centers his life around service. His establishment contains a fining dining restaurant (Stefano's ... an Italian Kitchen), cigar and sports bar (Doc’s Cigar & Sports Bar), the café for lighter fare, and the bar/disco for dancing, laughing and letting loose. The menu has the largest selection of delicious gluten-free items, an expanded Italian list with a nod to the healthy Mediterranean diet, and the finest ingredients. His philosophy of food? “There are steps to appreciation,” Dr. Rosenoff explains. “First, you want a comfortable, relaxing and attractive atmosphere. Then, we have television screens so our patrons can see their food being prepared in immaculate conditions. Next – and my mother taught me this – we start with the best ingredients we can find. Then, you have a menu that sounds yummy. Next, you have visual presentation on the plate. And last, it has to taste good.” Part of that plan, he says with a constant eye to health and well as great taste, his chefs are very careful with their use of salt and fats. “Over salting detracts from your ability to taste other ingredients in the dish. Salt overpowers other taste buds. Our items are as flavorful and as healthy as can be.” The food, the service, the caring – this is Dr. Rosenoff’s make up. “It’s my joy for my customers to be happy,” he said.

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