Sarah Smith

“So are you guys, like...identical...?”. The amount my twin brother and I have been asked this question is disappointingly high. The saddest part about this occurrence is that it usually happens when we are standing side by side. I am sure that as much as we both want to look identical to each others respective gender, that is not what nature had planned for all us boy-girl twins of the world. It was not until a few years ago that I started to notice just how connected we really were, how his feelings could be so parallel to mine that as I began to say something, I could hear him speak the same thoughts out loud. Having the relationship that I share with my twin brother has made me constantly crave this same feeling of deep mutual understanding in all people I meet. When I encounter new people, I become so bored with having to learn to get to know them on a superficial level. It’s like the first time you listen to a song. When you first hear it, you do not think much of it, yet once you listen to it a few more times, you begin to truly appreciate and attach to it. With the intimate relationship with my brother and I share, I am a person who is appreciative of the simple greatness that a bond can bring, and more aware of the possibilities of who may possess that bond.