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Here at SRS Cleaning Equipment, we cater for all of your basic needs when it comes to floor cleaning equipment. We offer flexible hire, sales and maintenance of ride-on and pedestrian floor cleaning sweepers, scrubber driers and floor cleaning equipment throughout the UK and for all industrial and commercial applications.

Do you have a large floor space that is in need of frequent cleaning?

Does your Factory, Warehouse or Retail Facility have a hard indoor surface which you need to sweep or scrub, for which you need a hire scrubber drier or sweeper?

We supply high quality, affordable and environmentally friendly hire sweepers and scrubbers?

Discover our wide range of NSS Floor cleaning equipment

We have been the Master Distributor for more than 20 years of the NSS range of industrial and commercial battery scrubber driers and floor care equipment.

We can meet any budget by offering new or refurbished floor cleaning equipment as well as flexible hire options.

Would you prefer to lease or hire your heavy duty industrial floor sweepers and industrial floor scrubber dryers for one week or for a longer period with SRS Long Term Flexi Hire?

Whatever your precise requirements, from scrubber dryer hire to industrial floor Sweeper hire, we can cater for them all here at SRS.

Other selling points of SRS as a source of cleaning equipment include:

Our extensive range of hire sweepers and hire scrubber driers, with a large, well maintained, fleet of hire machines and new stock to be found at our five acre site.Our nationwide 24-hour delivery and maintenance response.

To find out more about our extensive range of floor cleaning equipment sale, hire and maintenance services and to receive the most professional and helpful advice, simply get in touch with us on 01325 377803.

Hire or Buy cleaning equipment, Sweepers and Scrubber Driers from SRS Cleaning Equipment. Heavy Duty industrial scrubber dryers and floor sweepers suitable for warehouse, car park and factory floors. SRS Flexi Hire for flexible long term hire.

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