Sienna Rucker

Lubbock, Texas, United States

Sienna Rucker is a Business Management Major who is focusing her degree in Construction Management at Texas Tech University. As a teenager, Sienna worked for my Stepfather’s construction company as a Heavy Equipment Operator and General Laborer. Being a female in an industry mostly dominated by men was difficult, and she often doubted her ability to be successful in the construction field. However, her determination and passion for the industry helped her to overcome these insecurities and pursue her dream of owning a construction company. Sienna completed her Associates of Arts in Business Administration at San Juan College her my family has been unable to help financially with her college career. Attending San Juan College created an opportunity for Sienna to get college experience and acquire skills needed to continue my education at a four-year University. Sienna is currently enrolled at Texas Tech University with the anticipated completion date of May of 2017.

  • Education
    • Texas Tech University