Trever Tichawangana

"When our internal environment changes, our external environment responds"

The Sunrise Within is a motivational speaking, personal development and mentoring business that was founded by Trever Tichawangana in November 2011. The focus is to inspire hearts and educate minds on the amazing potential that lies within them. The drive behind the formation of The sunrise Within was the identification of an overwhelming need in society, particularly within the migrant communities to find their place and discover their true value and identity; these being key factors needed for one to attain self-empowerment. Trever understands that sustainable societal change is a dynamic that emanates from individuals with persistant ideas and bold visions for the future. Qualities that are inherent in all of us.

Trever has been a keen speaker since he was 14. At the age of 15, he became the youngest president elect at his church where he headed the O.L.L .Youth Organization for a year. As leader, he spearheaded various successful projects that helped bring the younger congregation closer. The group also grew in strength and numbers. His role quickly taught him to appreciate the power of effective communication, being the bridge between the elders in authority and the youth who often felt left out of key decision making processes.

Trever has a profound way of uplifting the human spirit and establishing a strong connection with his audiences and serves as an inspiring voice which will leave you yearning to search more within yourself.

Trever has a bachelor’s of arts degree majoring in politics and social justice and a masters of professional accounting, both attained at the university of Notre dame Australia. He is also a self-taught piano player and an artist whose works have been exhibited at the Victoria Park Centre of the Arts in Perth Australia, and the Perth Zoo.