Sara Woods

Durham, Nc

I am a rising sophmore at North Carolina Central University, and am working toward my BSN. I work as a nanny for a family in Cary, NC, with two boys, and also volunteer at Raleigh Duke Hospital. My goal is to finish my degree and work with infants and children in the health profession.

I was born with a very rare one in one million skin conditions called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrom. Growing up with this condition meant a lot of trips to the hopsital. One could say I lived at the hospital in fact. But this never stopped my parents from allowing me to live my life to the fullest. My parents always encouraged me to try everything at least once in my lifetime and to never regret my decisions but to learn from any mistakes and move forward. I do not fear for what may come in my future health wise, but instead, I enjoy each day as it comes. Growing up in a caring family and having a support system full of love and encouragment, has made me who I am today. I seek to help others full heartedly and never regret the time spent in doing so. I was inspired to become a nurse while staying in the hospital throughout my childhood. Only those who have experienced the living situations of a hospital, (being confined in a cold building with strange noises and weird smells) can tell you that while their time spent there was not the best of situations, there was always one person who they will remember and stood out to them the most. In this case, nine times out of ten, that person was a nurse. For me, a nurse was the person who memorized my name and knew who my family was. They would get to know the snacks I preferred and bring me the warm blankets from the heated cabnet. The many nurses who walked in and out of my life as a child were the ones who stayed in my heart forever. This is the person I want to be. I hope to leave a hand print on the hearts of many. I hope to be that one special nurse they remember.

  • Education
    • North Carolina Central University