Tamara Srzentic

Sacramento, California, United States

I am passionate about meaningful impact and UX design for public engagement. I worked with interdisciplinary teams and clients internationally to create innovative spaces, interactions and experiences. I led teams through user research to uncover insights that informed and inspired design and innovation. I am empathetic about people, passionate about representing the human perspective, and have skills in bringing this passion to life in resolving challenges and designing solutions. I'm a strong strategic thinker, MS, MBA, Dreamer, Optimist, Activist, Globetrotter, Student of life & of culture.

Core skills, drivers and approach:

Building spaces that empower and bring people together in pursuit of meaningful impact. Designing and implementing initiatives for civic engagement internationally.

Creating engaging, innovative content on various platforms (digital, print, live).Passionate about effective visual expression and storytelling with data.

Developing brands, implementing communication and adoption strategies, engaging stakeholders, fostering strategic partnerships, influencing behavior & culture shift.

Always challenging the obvious, approaching problem-solving with “What if..", exploring scenarios, creating concepts and prototypes, embracing failure on the path to success.

Informing and shaping strategy with user insights.

Passionate about effectiveness and usability, high level of research rigor, always following the data.

"Living life in the front row," by being active, grateful, and of service. Inspiring positive,connected and conscious working culture.

Born and raised in Montenegro. Lived, studied and worked on 4 continents.

Multilingual (English/French/Italian/Montenegrin(Serbo-Croatian)).

I feel extremely lucky to wake up every day and pursue the things I am most passionate about. I’ve been fortunate to partner with amazingly talented teams and mentors on meaningful and wonderfully creative projects and campaigns around the world.

  • Work
    • California Department of Public Health
  • Education
    • MS, MBA