Virtual T-45 Goshawk Role Demo

The Virtual T-45 Goshawk Role Demonstration are a brand new virtual display team set to make their debut this 2016 season. The Team is based at Royal Air Force Valley, U.K and is set to show audiences around the world the capabilities of an advanced fast-jet trainer. The display sequence includes both formation and dynamic performances, truly showing off the capabilities of the T-45 Goshawk. Team Leader - Max Jones "Jonez" is an experienced virtual pilot, previously being the leader of the SandyShoreArrows. Second leader - Oliver Dunks "Birds-eye" is in the teams "number 2" position this year. He will, at parts of the display, be the friendly aircraft chasing the hostile - "Number 1." At other parts of the display he will be flying formations and synchro passes with the other jet. The team is yet to pass their PDA early this summer. We look forward to seeing you at a display soon!