Sebastian Salinas Claro

I'm a a Social Entrepreneur having created three different ventures by the age of 23 focusing on sports nutrition, innovation consulting and the environmental impact of launderettes. Currently I'm the C.E.O of EmpreDiem, I have recently been awarded of MA from the University Adolfo Ibañez, in innovation and entrepreneurship, one of the best schools for business in Latin America.

I believe that teaching Entrepreneurship is the key to Defeat Poverty, so people be empowered with the problem and the solution. With the rights tools and having a Desing Thinking you can achieve business focusing over profits, in people and planet, creating social innovations.

I'm convinced that in any project that I get involved I must leave some mark or make a change, that give me the strength to continue.

I really love what I do, i want to dedicate my life to make the world a better place, I love to play soccer, and hang out with my friends and family., listen to new ideas and always start new things, co-creating constanly to always see different views of the same thing and get the best of each one.