Port Hedland Western Australia

My family is the Kapparrakurra clan. I was taken from my homeland and tribe by the Australian government when I was 4 years old. I was taken like so many others to be assimilated into the white mans world. I am now 52 years of age and have just returned to live close to my homeland. This area is called the Pilbara in the North of Western Australia. This place is predominantly iron ore mining. The government pursue our land for the money hungry mining companies. We are in a battle to save our land and our sacred sites from the government and companies. The Federal Government implimented Native Title and Indigenous Land Use Agreements as a tool to covet land, minerals and water for the pastoral and mining interests. I am presently a member of the Original Sovereign Tribal Federation and we are embarking on a campaign to gather as many tribes as we can to join our federation before we present to the Queen of England the evidence which proves that we are the Original and Soveriegn Tribes of this land called Bandaiyan but the British and its subjects call it Australia. Tribal peoples of this country are among the many tribes upon earth who are crying out for help to save their beloved lands from the madness called economic development. In my years upon the planet, I have journeyed and watched the changes and it has always been in watching the unnatural world take over the natural. Species are forcibly driven to genocide including the Indigenous races of people. I researched in my own time learning why their is evil upon this planet and what makes people keep living this way and to keep destroying what is most precious to us all and the future generations. My search always takes me back to the same conclusion, "Greed is the root of all evil". The desire to have more, in order to pleasure themselves. I have had insights showing me what humanity is capable of, so I endeavor to search for truth and knowledge to help us reach mass consciousness. These links below will help you gain truth and knowledge too.

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