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Annyeonghaseyo yeorubun! (Hello everybody!)

I’m Jovie and I’m Arvie a.k.a. SSANGVIE (^_~)v

• OK, so what does SSANGVIE means?

“SSANG” (쌍) is a Korean word for “double” or “twin” while “VIE” is the last syllable from our names. We’re not related by blood and totally not twin as you can see, but by heart and soul, we knew were destined to be sisters born and raised from different families.

• How did this SSANGVIE start?

Honestly, up until now we cannot traced back on when exactly we came up with this name; but what we believed was that it started with smile (more of laughter, actually) and continued to this wonderful friendships will forever cherished.

Oh, Blackjacks (as what WE 2ne1 fans called ourselves) knew probably what SSANG means is, sounds familiar, right? Yes, you’re right! Majayo! We got that word from two adorkable but oh-so-goddess Park Sisters (Sandara Park & Park Bom). Like us they’re also not blood-related but treated each other more than sisters. 2ne1 also have two more members, their Leader Chaerin or CL and maknae Minzy. We totally loved this four fabulous and swagger ladies. We hope you get to know more about them through SSANGVIE. Blackjacks all the way! <3

• What exactly this all about?

We forgot to mention that this SSANGVIE had a LOT of COMMON GROUNDS (when we say a lot that means many many many) NO EXAGGERATION.

Want to know what are they? Here’s our list:




Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines

Korean Traditional Dance Team

YG Entertainment


Sandara Park



Kwon Jiyong