Shobha Sankarankutty


I have lived most of my life confined to my bedroom or sharing a house with others or in small studio apartments. With time and all the travel that I have done I had accumulated a lot of things, not to mention all the books I read. My father decided he wasn't going to carry any of my stuff around after he sold our home, so he got rid of it all. It has been 10 years and I am still recovering from it.

With the space constraints I've endured (and it really sucks to live in small spaces - on the other hand, it means less cleaning!) I realized that my space needed to be maximized in order to keep the stuff that was really important to me. I also wanted to make everything easily accessible to me at all times.

So I have been learning through my experiences as well as those of others how to keep it simple, uncluttered, organized and fresh.

Seeing the trend everywhere of incredibly small apartments with even smaller bedrooms and kitchens (have people stopped cooking?) we have to make the most of the space available. And with all the high speed, high tech lives that we lead we really must try to keep it all simple and fresh for our own sanity.

Designing furniture to fit the needs of small spaces and their owners became a natural progression of sorts. But who needs mere function and comfort, we also want to live surrounded by beauty. :)

I would love to help you make your space work for you. I'll help you declutter and organize. I'll even provide tools to help you stay organized so you can spend more time doing the stuff you really love with the people you love or maybe just relaxing if that's what you want. I can provide or design storage solutions to cater to your needs. And why not make it all look fabulous? You want your bathroom to look like a Banyan Tree Spa without gutting it? You want your bedroom to feel like a queen's (or king's) chamber without breaking the bank? You want a clean, streamlined look? Or maybe you just want to find your way through your pantry? I would be more than happy to help you.

I work with interiors of homes and offices and also help stage spaces for showcasing and for events.