sapphire sapphire

Student in Hilo, Hawaii

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hi i'm sapphire/bran/leggy

female lesbian

butch leaning but kinda femme... idk

age reggressor

i ID as:

sapphire (su)

leggy (su)

dangle (katamari)

please tag these things for me:

dog abuse/death unless it has a happy ending

gf hate



i have autism, adhd, depression, psychosis and symptoms of ptsd

do not follow if

you are homophobic

you are lesbophobic

you know me irl

you think cishets aces are inherently lgbt

ask to follow if

you are a libfem

you are a militant vegan

if you follow traumatizedofficial

jf you can not tag my triggers


straight passing

neurotypical passing


mixed race


physically challenged

slightly overweight

mentally ill


please send me a pink emoji or 'cookie' if you read this.