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Communicate live - Instead use the "ICQ" or Skype, go to a colleague in the next room and talk to him or her details of your project. And enough to put off

the meeting with an old friend for later, when you will have more time: go together in the pool or take a stroll down the street at least 30 minutes.
Do two things at once - Place the front of the TV and any cardio wrap kilometers along with the heroes of the film? You can also teach lecture, sitting on a

stationary bike, or to prepare for the next lesson courses in English.
Take a walk during your lunch break at work - Try to make the 10-15-minute walk during your lunch break. If the work is no dining room, look for a cafe away

from the office. Walk to the nearest bank or payment terminal - to put money on a mobile phone is never enough. As an option - clean car from the snow.
Choose active leisure - Schedule joint active leisure - ice skating, go to an exhibition or a game of bowling cannot meet up with friends - just take a trip

out of town or walk for an hour or two in the park or forest.
Mash at work - At work, tries not to sit still in the monitor screen. Every 30-40 minutes work out any movement: Stretch, run off to the bathroom to wash the cup or just go outside for 3-5 minutes to talk on the phone.