Sonali A. Sawant

ince its establishment in 2005, Alpha Solutions, a subsidiary of M/s ASINDIA INC., is catering to the needs of Various Engineering, Chemical, Pharmaceutical Industry. We provide one point solution for Turnkey Projects.

We provide turnkey project for battery manufacturing unit. We have products dedicated to lead acid battery industry. We have experience with all type of battery manufacturing plants. VIZ Motor cycle batteries, automotive batteries, tubular batteries, VRLA batteries.

We have worked with all type of battery industry from small scale industry to large scale industry in India, Bangladesh. We have in-depth knowledge of battery manufacturing process.

We can offer our services in following area :

Capacity calculations, machine specifications, synchronising production capacity including estimation of raw material, utilities, manpower.
Designing and preparing drawings of efficient machinery layout. In this we consider following points. Minimum material movement, ergonomics, Proper allocation of storage space.
Designing of tackless formation system.
Designing of Jar formation system
Designing lead oxide conveying and storage system
Designing of material handling system viz racks, hoist, pallet trucks, conveyors, oxide handling system.
Designing of pollution control equipment like, Dust collectors, Venturi scrubbers, fume extraction and treatment system.