Simon Scullion

Chief of Transformation in Asturias, Spain

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Ideation | Maximizer | Futuristic | Strategic | Activator

I live in Asturias, northern Spain, with my wife and two daughters.

I can always be set off on a good rant about how openness and transparency are going to make the world a better place, and how I want to be part of making that happen.

I'll often be heard banging on about embracing the change and uncertainty around us, or rambling about leveraging our networks, building a reputation, and "working out loud".

I find public speaking is a fun challenge, must be mad!

I have been passionately driving the adoption of collaborative behaviour and social business concepts in a large global organisation for the last ten years.

I thrive in environments where those around me share my levels of passion and enthusiasm. Where questioning the status quo and asking "why?" is not just expected but welcomed. Where I'm challenged to bring out my creative side.

I like my gadgets, but have my budget controlled by external forces...

When able to escape to the real world, I have a sailing habit.

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