Staff Sergeant Robert Bradley

Mission Viejo, California, United States

My Name is Staff Sergeant Robert Bradley, I am an United States Army Recruiter. I enlisted in the Army in 2005 as a Signal Support Specialist. In 2007 deployed to Iraq for the 1st time and in 2008 I changed jobs to become an Information Technology Specialist, that same year the Army gave me the opportunity to move to Germany. In 2010 I deployed to Iraq for a 2nd time. From 2011 to 2013 I was stationed at Fort Benning, GA. Now, I am an Army recruiter in Mission Viejo, California.

As an Army recruiter I get the opportunity to share my story and my experiences throughout my Army career. My job is simply to put out information and find those that have the propensity to serve their country, and help them through the enlistment process. The US Army is not for everyone, but for those that choose to take the journey of becoming a United States Soldier will be glad they did.

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