S Shea Yang


If you're looking for Shea, Shae, Sayuri, yenne, kumquat (formerly of 360ville) --- you found me. If you recognize the mugshot on the left, you found me. If you're lost and stumbled on this page, congratulations, you found me.

While I see each of us as different, I'm also quite pragmatic about certain things. Be forewarned, my opinions can change without prior notice.

What would you attempt if you could not fail?


"To be a person, we have to be able to think, to reason, to feel, to judge, to choose, and to communicate in words that constitute a language."

WRITE right.

KNOWLEDGE; a birthright.

ARTS; to question and push the boundaries as well as offer aesthetic enjoyment, even as to broaden the dimension of reality.

TRAVEL; it’s all about our common Planet, apostles of goodness.

MUSIC; every definitive tune is an aural touchstone.

WORLD AFFAIRS; whatever matters. Our knowledge, expertise, connections, skills, giftings and talents have placed us in a unique position to make an impact on someone, somewhere.

CULINAIRE speaks of a language of passion.

PHOTOGRAPHY; more than just an art of observation.

COLLECTIBLES recollect (nuggets of witticism too). Treasures need not come with a price tag.

SPIRITUALITY; it's about the soul. "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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