Shannon Shell

I am a wife. A mother. A follower of Jesus Christ. I love to travel and explore new beauty. I enjoy good food, exotic flowers and makeup counters. I started my product craze when I was 15 and would go to Neiman Marcus with my boyfriend's mom. She knew all of the ladies at the Chanel counter and they were always giving me free samples. I would ask for the new Chanel quadras (eye shadows) for my birthday and Christmas. What 16 year old needs Chanel eye shadow, right? I know. Skin care products are an over top obsession. I also enjoy fashion, but need a helping hand most of the time. So I stick with what I know. I love to find myself lost in good products. Shopping for, learning about, trying and spending way too much time (and money according to my husbnd) with Skincare! Hence, Product Junkies! Voila!