Steven Shows

Soccer has done a lot for me over the past fifteen years of playing the wonderful sport. Soccer has taken me to many different places in Georgia and a few states around Georgia. It has even helped me gain friends from places I would have never thought that I would make friends. I began playing soccer when I was four years old. My dad was my coach as many parents were coaches of their kids’ sports teams at that age. I played with and against kids from all over Hall County, Georgia. As I grew up, soccer began to make an even bigger impact in my life when I started playing travel soccer. I played teams from all over the state of Georgia at a very competitive level. At this age people traveled to play on different teams in other counties so I began playing with people from the surrounding counties as well. Soon high school soccer started and I was playing with people from my school against people that I played with on my traveling team. This was a new experience and it helped my respect grow for my opponents and the teammates I had on both my traveling team and school team. Soccer also helped make my senior year of high school my favorite year of school as well. I was chosen as the team captain by all of my teammates that I had been playing with since middle school. We also ended up being one of the final four teams in the high school playoffs for our division which was the farthest any team had made it in the playoffs in the history of Men’s Soccer at my high school. Soccer even led me to picking my field of interest for a career when I broke my arm playing in the 7th grade and ever since that point I’ve wanted to work as a Physical Therapist. Soccer will always have a spot in my life and I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t played the best sport in the world.