Ssicy Lo


Born and raised in Hunan, a beautiful province in central China, Ssicy always knew that she wanted to do something special with life. She was found talented in communication since from a little kid and had always been a top student. Because of a mental breakdown, she had to quit her university study. However, she had never lost hope or faith. Escaping away from the traditional Chinese education, Ssicy built her own fast learning system based on global sources. Not only did she teach herself English but she also explored deeply into the cultural differences. She became a skillful consecutive interpreter with universal spirit at a very young age.
After moving to Shenzhen and in an expansion of 8 years, Ssicy dedicated herself in cross-culture business communication working for international companies. After the first 2 years working as interpreter, she was promoted to managing positions and had led the operation of many cross-boarder sourcing and marketing projects. Her outstanding cross-culture communication skills has assisted a significant number of Western companies successfully building constructive partnerships with local companies.
Besides from business, she loved attending all kinds of visual arts, music, dancing and life growing workshops. When she was developing China market for a western media group, being inspired by her artists friends, she eventually realized that her unintentional passion was actually in arts and life growing. She felt it was her time to move to the things that really matters in life, and she gave up her promising business career and incorporated Hope Community Communication formally in Hong Kong in the summer of 2009, aiming to facilitate in depth communication between China and other nations in life growing, green and health sectors.
Ssicy loves the nature, she is a semi-vegetarian. She likes cheese cake and black chocolate, and she lives a tranquil life with her family in Shenzhen.

  • Work
    • Founder, Hope Community Communication