Sandeep Singh

I was born in India on October, 8 1987. At the age of two my family decided to move to
United States of America in search for a better life. Growing up in a world
that revolved around technology I had to keep up. I was determined to learn all
that I could about the advancements in the IT field. I went to Queens
Vocational and Technical High School where I was introduced to A+ computer
repair. High School was a new learning experience for me but, my driving ambition
drove me to another level I wanted to learn more. One can say I was addicted to
learning. I started taking college credits in High School and received my
Comptia Cooper Network Cabling Specialist Certification. At this point I wanted
to become an Engineer. SUNY Farmingdale one of the leading Colleges on Long
Island accepted me. Life was all making sense for me and new opportunities
began to present themselves. My major was Computer Engineering. Classes


Devices & Circuits



Interfacing & Control



of Computer Programming

During my senior year I started to intern at Gensler one of the
leading Architecture and Designing firm. Here I was introduced to technology
from a Fortune 500 company aspect. I was hired as a full time employee in a
matter of a month. Mike who was my IT director was very pleased with my work
and what I had to bring to the company. Here is a list of just some of my daily

Solid understanding of IP Version 4 IP Addressing

Strong understanding of Classful and Classless

Routing Protocols such as Rip Version 1, Rip Version 2, IGRP, EIGRP (Cisco

Proprietary), OSPF, and IS-IS as well as their Metric and Administered Distance.

Sold understanding of TCP/IP Protocols as well as UDP.

Management of Helpdesk and SalesForce ticketing systems.

Provided Tier I/II and III desktop and remote support for over 350 users locally and over 750 users throughout the North East region.

Support Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/98 and Office Suite 2007/2003/XP/2000.