Sagar Sisodiya

Udaipur, Rajasthan

´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨` MMMMMM I AM A GUY WHO HAV SEEN excess of ups n downs in daily life ..... •♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨` a guy who hav answers of some typical questions like wot is life,emotions,frndz,love etc etc...... •♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨` a guy on which evry1 love to trust •♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨` a guy who want to attain perfection in evry field whether its sports,study,masti,technology everything........ •♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨` i love to write poems on some reality till now i have written on my life-My LaCoNiC ReFlEcTiOn(english 13-03-2005), aayi tsunami lehar(hindi 05-01-2006) •♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨` but above all serious things few things i never miss r good technology n good chance 4 laughter..... •♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨` so i m a serious guy not frm outside this wat i am fool still so intelligent, high tempered still so cool, bad still so good.................. •♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨` i have written one thing "LeT Me EnJoY ToDaY BeCaUsE ToMoRrOw Is YoUrS"......think on it n u will find everyday is my day............. •♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨` A message for every one :- Laugh so hard that even sorrow smiles at you. Live life so well that even death loves to see you alive. Fight so hard that even fate accept its defeat.......Be HaPpY •♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨` Waise to main acha ladka hoon if still u hate me than its ok •♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`

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    • st.pauls,banswara
    • St. paul's sr. sec. school