Sam Smith


Hi y'all! My name is Sam. I am a transfer student at UGA and my major is Animal Science. I plan on pursuing a career in large animal veterinary medicine. I do want to go to veterinary school at UGA and will be applying within the next year or two. I was originally born and raised on the beach in Southern California. I moved to Georgia about one year ago to go to UGA. I have one brother who is in the US Army and currently deployed in Afghanistan. We keep in touch as much as we can, and are very close with each other. So, about me: I have lived on a cattle ranch in Montana, where it got down to 22 degrees below zero and I had to work outside at night raising cattle, sheep and goats. I also trained Australian shepherds to herd cattle. I lived on an organic farm in Liberty, Kentucky where I grew every kind of fruit you can imagine. I then lived on a 2,400 acre horse ranch in Hohenwald, Tennessee. We rehabilitated abused and neglected horses and taught them to trail ride for children with disabilities. I have been to the Kentucky Derby, Maker's Mark distillery, Nashville's Grand Ole Opry stage, Lynchburg, Tennessee to visit Jack Daniel's, General Custer's actual grave site, the battle of Little Bighorn, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and pretty much everywhere in between. I have also bucked a bronco, broken a wild mustang, saved a calf's life, been stung by a Portuguese Man O'War jellyfish as well as many other bizarre and random stories. I am an avid skydiver and all around adrenaline junkie! See y'all in class!

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