Seth Spitz

After graduating Indiana University in 2004, nothing has struck my interest more than the ever growing world of technology around us. With the growing number of wearable technologies and home improvement devices, it's only a matter of time before we'll have those hover boards.

Working in the digital marketing world has opened me to many forms of technologies and learnings. Learning each day about a new app, website, coding language, or even device (I own now a Pebble, Amiigo, and Kreyos), I can only try to keep up with our changing environment.

Outside of work my latest passion has been in the sport of obstacle course racing. Although I am not able to compete with the best, I continually set goals for myself and continue to surprise many friends and family with how far I am willing to push myself. I have completed the Spartan Race Beast Vermont World Championship and earned my Trifecta medal doing so. These races not only show physical strength, but even more so mentally. The people and community are also something I have grasped on to dearly.

And what better way to show off racing and obstacles than with video? A recent owner of a GoPro, I have finally been able to begin documenting and editing as I've contiually wanted to do.

So between technology, OCR's from 5K's to Spartan Beast's, video editing, hockey, running, snowboarding, skydiving, my wife, and many other passions, I can say I continue to live my life to the fullest without needing to say, "I wish I did that when I could have."