Nathan Bradley

Hi; My name is Nathan "Madd-Dawg" Bradley.. Im single & i am the owner & ceo of Southern Style Storm Chase'n... Ever since i was a kid ive loved & had intrest in storms.. Back in 2005 i started a facebook page on giving out up to date watches, warning on storms heading into the west georgia & east alabama area... The whole idea was to give people up to date weather informations on storms such as tornados,hail,lighting & damaging wind.. I love & enjoy help & give out up to date info on storms heading into my area.. Just the thrill of driving up & getting close to tornados is such a rush-yes ive been called crazy, but the truth is about chasing storms is the storm chasers are the first to a damaged area, we are the first on ones to normal contact 911, american red cross, national weather services & the local ema for the area.. I love help those when they are in need of help, rather it is to just sit down & talk to them or even just to let them know everything is going to be ok... "Helping Those In Need, Lets Them Know They Have A Friend Indeed" I love what i do & there is nothing in this world id change on who i am & what i love doing! Tornados are amazing & beautiful to chase the power they provide & the damage they do in so little time is just unreal until you see one with your own eyes.. Tornados are very dangerous to chase but chasing a tornado should only be done if you are a professional & have schooling & you should never chase a tornado no matter how cool it may look ive been doing this since 2005 & may 22 2012 i will have been chasing tornado/storms for a total of 8 year's & i love my job & wouldnt do anything else if i could just chase 365 days a year i'd be one happy storm chaser.. So if your on Facebook Look & Add Me My Facebook Page Is SouthernStyle StormChase'n & Yes i know the words run together but i had to do that inorder to get the full name to pop up on the site, How i typed it is how it will come up on facebook!! Storm Chasen Is My Love & Passion!!