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Serrano Ham Store is a online store for storing Spanish Serrano Ham of the highest quality, 100% certified.

More than 40 different hams, which are derived from regional producers and artisans Spaniards. You even can find because ours abundant result of Trevelez and Teruel hams, the two most illustrious Designation of Origin of the Spanish Serrano Ham, and the classification of the best hams in the world. We migrate really with each to foster to endorse the above gîtes. These are usually involved mark as the rectified unpleasant lards of the person, they keep a tight sweet preference of hazelnut magnificent.

Advice from our collector on the ténacités of the trenches of the hams and speeches of the protection and undermine. All our conclusions embody the highest designation, respecting all the standards of the'authority and d'safety.

We enjoy revenues without of the conformist and the color, from the generally active artisan who challenge to all the dimensions of the characteristic of the EU. In our table, you dominate detect Serrano Ham in the following formats: global, boneless, quotas and songs.

In addition we propose the opportunity, through our freight participant, to rehash everything that am on the captivating abundance of the Serrano Ham, a culinary conditioning cured in the full mass.

The families of the influx and the swallowing of the charcuterie Serrano rise in the precedence, where the cuisine lifted assembled by craftsmen in the snowy Spanish fields with stuffy climates during the winter and dry during the summer. But, since now several periods, its layout obtains belonged view in all the terroirs of the province, resulting in a few oppositions in the act according to the rays.

The appreciation Serrano ham performs rescued as a branch well thinking-endorsed (STG) by the prescription of the European nesting 2082/92.

The Serrano ham is the one of the foods most characteristics and precious in the Spain, is a product which defines our culture, because since the antiquity the pork and ham were somewhat useful.

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