Sonya Sullins

Madison, Wisconsin

Would you like to discover ways to detoxify and heal your body? Improve sleep, relieve pain and regenerate at a cellular lever? And, would you like to live as organic and toxic-free of a lifestyle as possible? I invite you to look at the options I have found that I use personally and that I love! I've always seeking out the best options and researching what is tried and true and what is new! When I find things I LOVE, I want to share them with others so that they may benefit as well. I've recently recovered from some health issues and optimal health is priceless. Quality of life is imperative. We not only desire optimal health, we deserve it! But there are things we can do to help us achieve that goal. Join my in my adventures to healthy and happy living! We live in a toxic world: the food we eat, our personal hygiene products, and our household cleaning products...are often contaminated with GMO's, toxins and and other "nasties". Like me, you may have taken prescription medications, have had immunizations or vaccinations - and for some people, they feel a bit toxic or suffer side effects. I hate not feeling healthy and "toxic"... And I care very much about the health of our people (and our animals)...and I truly believe there are many things we can do - changes we can make - so that we can maintain our health in the long-term, but we need to start making those changes - even if they are small - starting TODAY! My goal is to help you by sharing solutions that have worked me, and maybe you'll find that some of these solutions work for you and your loved one's, too! Have questions? Please ask! I work closely with practitioners of many modalities...Naturopathic Doctors, Acupuncturists Chiropractors, Energy Healers and more...and we all love to help and be your resource for optimal health and healing! Namaste' Sonya

  • Work
    • Luminous Lotus Healing
  • Education
    • Stoughton High
    • University of Wisconsin-Madison