Sunil Raj Sreekumar


Has been a shy person all his life and one who has no major achievements in life to boast of other than having a sweet little daughter apart from serving the nation for the 20yrs! He is a workaholic to the hilt which has often embarrased him throughout his career. He has so many small dreams and often finds happiness in fulfilling those, especially which concerns his family! A day dreamer, ofcourse, but strives hard to make even those come true... In a way, he has grown up without much guidance and direction, all on his own. Hails from Kochi, but has seen at places like Bengaluru, Vadodara, Jaisalmer, Sirsa(H), Delhi, Bhuj in the last few years! Friendship is something he values so much and would die for them.. Apart from his family and friends, sports has been his main interest and stays awake at even 3am, much to the amusement of his neighbours, to watch his favourite football team play! He has an avid pallette and enjoys eating good food! Not a bad cook himself! Often would find searching curiously for all things under sun in his browser.... a lazy creature who is also a spend-thrift and believes that only good things happen to good people like him! Amen

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